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Sponsor Gordon 1 year


Gordon came to us as feral cat in October 2016. We asked a local cat rescue for a cat that no one else wanted, that would be happy living in a barn and that would help us with a rodent issue! When Gordon arrived (in a special steel cage because he had broken out of two plastic ones!!) we kept him confined to a large dog crate while he acclimatised. I fed him and cleaned his litter tray wearing gauntlets, because he would hiss at the back of the cage and try to spike you.

Gordon is now a pussycat in every sense of the word. He loves a cuddle and a face scratch. He even likes being brushed by some of our donkey volunteers. He is bullied by the donkeys but loves it when they are all tied up being groomed because then he can strut about the yard unmolested.

He has caught well over 50 rats and mice and we have no more trouble in the feed shed. He sleeps in there at night and makes himself a deep cosy nest in the hay where he can watch the world go by through his cat door. We love Gordon and if you would like to sponsor him we will love you too!


Sponsor Pack Features

  • Sponsorship Certificate
  • A Christmas card from the whole Minidonk team
  • 4 reports on the wellbeing and pest control work done by Gordon
  • Images of Gordon throughout the seasons


You can choose to receive the Sponsor Pack in your own name, for a 3rd Party as a gift for instance - or you can opt to simply receive a certificate. If you choose to receive your pack by email, we can save paper and postage too!

If sponsoring for a 3rd party, please include details in the Additional Information > Sponsor Notes box in the checkout.

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